Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hope Care

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Indeed I'm wading into this rather late (forgive me, for it's a busy life on this island Britain) but here is the truth as I see it;

Health care, hope care, here is the new age of the United States of capitalism. Had an accident? Not your fault? Not covered by an insurance policy? Father got cancer but a clause in his policy states he cant get treatment? Welcome to the American health care system. That's number 37th in the World Health Organisations ranking of medical care systems.
How about Britain? Under funded and beleaguered but still punching its way to 18th place on the same WHO list.

The Soccer Mom stuck in her 2 cents claiming a nationalised health system would be 'Evil'.
That's another golden quote from a dyed in the wool Christian American. So lets pick that one up.
If Jesus was alive today, if he was the head of policy for whether a nation has a health care system that has limitless care for anyone , a system that is paid for according to a percentage of your wage, even if you have no job to speak of (don't forget the unemployed, homeless etc are entitled to it as well.
a system that is exclusive to those who can pay for it. A system that ends care where the money ends.

Of course there's allot of talk of the cost of a nationalised system for the United States, that it would bankrupt an already faltering economy. Consider this though, the UK spends 8.4% of its GDP on its socialised system. The USA spends 15% on what amounts to smoke and mirrors, a non-entity, the falsehood that is Medicare.
Please, if you have a better argument, Republican Party of America, please do present it. please do at least though, present the truth.

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